Vietnam Veterans of America – Book Review

Photo by Zach Pierce mu-43dotcom

Photo by Zach Pierce mu-43dotcom

I’ve been a little nervous about how my novel will be received by Vietnam veterans. After all, I have never served and have no first-hand knowledge of what the Vietnam war experience was like for a nurse or anyone else.

So I was thrilled and relieved when Her Own Vietnam received a positive review from the national magazine of the Vietnam Veterans of America. Reviewer David Willson wrote, “This novel is one of the best books about nurses in Vietnam.”

You can read the full review here.

A book is born!

Today is the official birthday of Her Own Vietnam, known in literary parlance as the pub date, release date or launch date.

bday cake colorful

Why so many candles? Because it took me so many years to write the book.

What happens next?

Here’s what happens when a book is launched.

– You can now buy it as a paperback or ebook. Click here for details.

– You can win a free signed copy on Goodreads until November 3.

– You can join me on visits to a series of wonderful book blogs. Click here for specifics.

– You can wow your book club with these discussion questions.

Most of all

Most of all, what happens when a book is launched is that people start to read it. (At least I fervently hope so.) People I know, who will read it out of kindness or to see what the heck I’ve been up to all this time. People I don’t know. People who will have their own opinions and perspectives.

Maybe even you.

Her Own Vietnam belongs to you now. I hope you two will be very happy together.

Cat and HOV