(Scary) Update from Book World!

Three sharp red pencils.

My editor gets down to business. (Photo by Horia Varlan.)

My publisher (who’s also my editor) told me she has almost finished editing my book. She will send me the edited version of Her Own Vietnam on Monday. That means she’s probably bent over my manuscript right this minute, her red pencils honed to scalpel sharpness, the sawdust scent of pencil shavings fresh in the air.

Okay, no pencils are actually involved. She’s using Track Changes.

But still – scary.

Want to know more about this formidable creature, the publisher and writer Rosalie Morales Kearns? (She IS formidable. She’s also warm and hilarious.)

Check out the Shade Mountain Press website below. There you can find info about the press and the publisher; the first official descriptions of my novel and Egg Heaven, the amazing short story collection by Robin Parks; AND a call for submissions for Shade Mountain’s 2015 books.

Are you a woman writer? A novelist who’s a woman of color? Shade Mountain Press is looking for you.

While you explore the website, I’ll just be here, waiting for my marked-up manuscript and biting my nails.



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