Update from Book World

This book is purr-fect.

This book is just purr-fect.

Meet Viviane, the editorial assistant at Shade Mountain Press. She loves Her Own Vietnam. Let’s hope readers and reviewers demonstrate the same exquisite literary taste.

Here’s a quick update on where things stand in the publication process.

Her Own Vietnam is going to print!

I’ve made all my final changes to the book and sent them to the publisher, Rosalie Morales Kearns. She added her own corrections and sent the manuscript to the designer, who produced a final version ready for printing. After a few more tweaks to the back cover design, Rosalie will send my book to the printer.

From a writing point of view, the book is finished – out of my hands, and on to become a real, physical object that cats can walk upon.

As the printer churns out copies of the book, Rosalie and the designer will be hard at work creating the ebook version of Her Own Vietnam.

My first public reading

I’ll be reading from and discussing Her Own Vietnam at Chicago’s venerable feminist bookstore, Women and Children First, on Friday, November 14th. If you’re in Chicago, please come!

November 1 is approaching fast

My book will be published on November 1. That date, which once seemed so far in the future, is zooming toward me, and I have so much to do before then. Line up more readings. Set up author pages on Goodreads and Amazon. Find ways to get the word out to potential readers. Brace myself for reviews from journals and readers.

And mostly, get accustomed to the fact that my brainchild will soon be out in the world.

Okay, I lied

Viviane doesn’t actually work for Shade Mountain Press. It would be more accurate to say that Rosalie, the cat’s ostensible owner, works for Viviane.


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