It’s official – HER OWN VIETNAM is an audiobook!

In March, I nervously reached out to my favorite audiobook narrator, Robin Miles, to ask if she’d be interested in narrating a novel called Her Own Vietnam.

Today, it’s a reality: Her Own Vietnam is an audiobook, narrated by Robin Miles and available on Audible. (And in a couple of days, on Amazon and iTunes as well).

Check it out! You can listen to the first 5 minutes for free by clicking the “Play Audio Sample” arrow. (If you’re truly weird, you can listen to it over and over, like I have.) 

It’s very strange to have this novel, which I’ve lived with for so long, actually spoken out loud into the world. The characters that I’ve imagined have their own, distinctive voices, different – and better! – from the way I heard them in my head.

I’ve read aloud from Her Own Vietnam at bookstores and other venues, and tried to make it as lively and compelling as possible. Now that I’ve heard how a truly talented voice actor can add depth and dimension to a reading, in the future I may just hit “play.”

Robin Miles, narrator extraordinaire. (Photo: Jordan Matter)

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