It’s Egg Heaven Day!

Egg Heaven cover

Today, October 1, 2014, two exciting things are happening. First, the nation’s newest feminist publishing house – Shade Mountain Press – is bursting onto the literary scene with its first book.

Second, Shade Mountain’s first book – the short story collection Egg Heaven, by Robin Parks – is finally available.

The critics love it!

In Foreword Reviews, Sara Budzik wrote, “Strong characters immersed in gentle moments of great significance set against a backdrop of struggling diners and restaurants along the southwest coast give Egg Heaven a flavor of its own. Robin Parks has carefully caressed each detail of her writing into focused visions of some of the most complex human emotions—grief, love, resentment, redemption… Parks is a master of the short story.”

In Booklist, Ellen Loughran said, “This engaging collection, with its predominance of female characters, appeals most strongly to women but will reward any short fiction reader who picks it up.”

Now it’s your turn.

Both of these are influential journals read and respected by booksellers. So the fact that they love Egg Heaven is important. But not as important as what you think.

If you appreciate writing that shimmers with quiet beauty, want to immerse yourself in a Southern California no tourist will ever see, hope to understand all the different ways a human can hunger – then go to Egg Heaven.

I won’t even pretend to be objective

The author, Robin Parks – who won the Raymond Carver Short Story Award – is a long-time friend of mine. And Egg Heaven is the first book published by Shade Mountain Press, which in one month will publish my novel.

So no, I won’t even pretend to objective. But it no longer matters what I think about the book. Egg Heaven has been born.

You can order Egg Heaven here. Savor the nine stories. Then let me know what you think. 

One thought on “It’s Egg Heaven Day!

  1. Obviously, I’m looking forward to reading both books. I have to either commend or chastise you for not going for the Egg Heaven has hatched analogy.

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