Books make the purrfect gifts

purffect gift


In this season of giving, let’s talk about books. They are easy to wrap, pack and ship, and delightful to receive. Books uplift both the giver and the recipient.

Practical and political

If Her Own Vietnam happens to be on your gift list, thank you! And please consider ordering directly from the publisher rather than from Amazon.

There are practical and political reasons to do so. The publisher, Shade Mountain Press, is selling the book for LESS than Amazon charges – and your money will support a feminist press rather than a corporate giant. (If you want the book in Kindle version, of course, you must buy through Amazon.)

If you live in DC, you can get the book from Politics and Prose.

Many wonderful gift choices from women novelists

If for some reason you do not think Her Own Vietnam is the ideal gift for everyone you’ve ever met, please browse through these blog posts to find wonderful novels written by 30 Women Novelists You Should Know – or at least the 17 I’ve featured so far. They are:

  1. Carol Anshaw
  2. Kim Barnes
  3. Octavia Butler
  4. Jillian Cantor
  5. Susan Choi
  6. Sonya Chung
  7. Jennifer Haigh
  8.  Rene Denfeld
  9.  Masha Hamilton
  10.  Elliott Holt
  11.  Dara Horn
  12. Lily King
  13.  Caroline Leavitt
  14.  Zelda Lockhart
  15.  Andrea Levy
  16.  Brenda K. Marshall
  17.  Laura McBride

Amidst all the holiday clamor, don’t overlook the option to give that rarest of gifts: A new world large enough to sink into, yet small enough to hold in your hands.

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