Hi. I’m Lynn Kanter – thanks for visiting my blog.

Lynn SMALL horiz arms crossed I’m the author of the novels Her Own Vietnam, The Mayor of Heaven and On Lill Street. My short stories and essays have been published in a number of journals and anthologies.

I work as a freelance writer for national social justice organizations; my hobbies are reading, raging against injustice and being sarcastic. I live in Washington, DC with my wife.

I’d love to speak to your book group or class, by Skype or in person if you’re in the DC-MD-VA area or nearby.

Please contact me at Lynn@lynnkanter.com.


Photo: Kate Patterson


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Lynn Kanter, somehow your name appeared on a picture of Lynda Van Der Vanter, an Army nurse at the 71st Medevac Hospital in Pleiku, VN. I’m not sure, but I believe Lynda is the nurse I used to visit by the pool the few times I could get ‘out of the field’ as an Army 1LT. MAT team commander, 1970-71. I would visit her by the pool, and leave in the afternoon, as I wouldn’t be travelling back to my home compound in the boonies of Pleiku Province at night. I published my book last April, 48 years after returning, called PAWNS OF PLEIKU on Amazon. It’s written as a novel, but factual and true, including many parts about my visits to the 71st. I always wondered what happened to her. By my memory, she was from Kansas? Anyway, near the end of our tours, her unit was suddenly moved to the coast (I think), and I was hurt, operated on in Qui Nhon, and sent home for 3 more minor surgeries, and had no way of contacting her. We had planned on a trip through the west on returning, but that didn’t happen Please know that I am happily married (45 years) and no intention of interfering with her life, just very curious as to what became of her, and wanted her to know she was in my book, and that I had no intention of simply not contacting her back then. So, not sure if you knew her or not, but please email me at mat37@myfairpoint.net And please also feel free to check out my book cover. Thanks much in advance, Monty Vogel


  2. How serendipitous that I found your blog! Just this week I was touched by my reading of “A Shelter Is Not A Home” in The Heart Of All There Is. What are the chances? Especially since your bio in the back of that book merely says that you are a social worker.


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